Cauliflower crust

As some of you have been asking for the cauliflower crust recipe, I decided to write it down; I hope this helps.

1) These are the ingredients I used: cauliflower, eggs, carrots and parsley. Of course you can skip the carrots or the parsley or even add other things.
2) Shred the cauliflower, watch out for your fingers, it might hurt a little.
3) Shred your carrots and add them.
4) Cut the parsley to tiny pieces, add eggs, salt and pepper.
5) Mix everything well!
6) Get your pan and heat up some oil – I used olive oil.
7) Fill the mixture inside of the pan, disperse it a little and put the top back on the pan.
8) Wait about 8 minutes. As long as your cauliflower crust roasts, you can make a nice cup of tea and cut all other ingre
dients that you want to put on top of your crust, be creative, everything is possible and absolutely delicious!

9) Flip your crust -  It might be difficult and about to break – try to use a plate to flip it. Once you’ve managed this, let it roast on the other side for some more minutes.
10) Now decorate it with anything you want and enjoy this healthy heaven!

here’s the deal!!!!

I would LOOOOVE some more blogs to follow :) 

  • Yoga related
  • Vegan/Gluten Free/Dairy free food blogs! 
  • If you post yummy food pictures
  • Encouraging things
  • Pretty things

I just need encouraging things on my dash :) none of those pictures of gaunt models, photoshopped unrealistic junk or pokey hipbones. 

please pass this along:)

Numbers that matter!!

Countdown begins!
  • 9 work days until I’m finished at the Preschool!!
  • 30 days until we move out (and move in with his parents.. ugh)
  • 62 until graduation
  • 64 until all of DISNEY! & HarryPotter World! and the Beach! 
  • 82 until we begin our new life in the City. 

I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. 

I think looking back at this year in 8 or so months, I’m going to be proud of it! I went into last year with good intentions, but I hadn’t fixed my mind set. I wanted so badly to be someone else, and didn’t care if I had to do it the unhealthy way. 

+But I’ve gone from weighing myself 5 times a day, to not weighing myself in 5 months! 
+I bought a jean size up and I didn’t die (like i was convinced I would).
+I went from *having* to work out no matter what, (even if that meant lying to get out of something) to it really not being a big deal.  
+I eat more of my fear foods now, and I enjoy them! (HELLO AVOCADO!!).
+I have a healthier mindset (even though I still have ‘fat’ days or struggle days).. and a better relationship with food!
+I’m more in tune with my body. I want to feed it and give it good nutrients!

I honestly doubted I would ever get to experience any of this. I was told I would suffer with an eating disorder forever.. However, I think that was a lie. I think it is possible to recover.. To reprogram your brain to think healthily..

It’s all about going outside of your comfort zone! :) 

I think this is going to be a good year!

Good morning juice! ~ kale /spinach/cucumber/ginger/pear

Good morning juice! ~ kale /spinach/cucumber/ginger/pear

Dinner! Shrimp with Ginger, curry broccoli + sugar snap peas + steamed spinach! Mmm

Dinner! Shrimp with Ginger, curry broccoli + sugar snap peas + steamed spinach! Mmm