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200 RYT ~ Yoga instructor|Deep Thinker|Strong Spirited. I'm on a journey to rediscover myself, to regain freedom as well as healing from my past, through yoga and things that make me smile. I need to find a balance in life and build a stronger body and mind (especially mind). I love yoga, nature, photography, poetry and tea. All of these things come together in creating a colorful piece of art on my blank canvas, called life!

Ultimate goal in life: Flexibility comparable to a pretzel, as well and a striking confidence about myself and the ability to stand my ground in what I know to be true; That I'm beautiful and no number can define that.
here’s the deal!!!!

I would LOOOOVE some more blogs to follow :) 

  • Yoga related
  • Vegan/Gluten Free/Dairy free food blogs! 
  • If you post yummy food pictures
  • Encouraging things
  • Pretty things

I just need encouraging things on my dash :) none of those pictures of gaunt models, photoshopped unrealistic junk or pokey hipbones. 

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Numbers that matter!!
Countdown begins!
  • 9 work days until I’m finished at the Preschool!!
  • 30 days until we move out (and move in with his parents.. ugh)
  • 62 until graduation
  • 64 until all of DISNEY! & HarryPotter World! and the Beach! 
  • 82 until we begin our new life in the City. 

I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. 

I think looking back at this year in 8 or so months, I’m going to be proud of it! I went into last year with good intentions, but I hadn’t fixed my mind set. I wanted so badly to be someone else, and didn’t care if I had to do it the unhealthy way. 

+But I’ve gone from weighing myself 5 times a day, to not weighing myself in 5 months! 
+I bought a jean size up and I didn’t die (like i was convinced I would).
+I went from *having* to work out no matter what, (even if that meant lying to get out of something) to it really not being a big deal.  
+I eat more of my fear foods now, and I enjoy them! (HELLO AVOCADO!!).
+I have a healthier mindset (even though I still have ‘fat’ days or struggle days).. and a better relationship with food!
+I’m more in tune with my body. I want to feed it and give it good nutrients!

I honestly doubted I would ever get to experience any of this. I was told I would suffer with an eating disorder forever.. However, I think that was a lie. I think it is possible to recover.. To reprogram your brain to think healthily..

It’s all about going outside of your comfort zone! :) 

I think this is going to be a good year!